Asia Pacific Education Office

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The Asia Pacific Education Office (APEO) has a long history in the Asia Pacific Region. In 1987 a vision was born to help Bible schools throughout the Region. A variety of resources were developed to assist administration, faculty, student life, and curricular designs.

Welcome to the Asia Pacific Education Office (APEO) website designed to provide resources and networking information. Please take a few moments to browse through the various resources that are designed to help in the development of your school.

The design of APEO stands alongside the local Bible school in specific ways:

  • Administration & Faculty – administration and faculty development
  • Assist Student Life – mentoring, discipleship, practical ministries, and teaching courses
  • Program – curricular design, review, and assessment of present curriculum


APEO networks with Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA) in Manila, Philippines, an accrediting association for Bible school and training institutions in the Asia Pacific Region.  APEO stands ready to help the local school in matters of pre-accreditation. This means APEO will assist in the development of the following documents for the local school: administrative handbook, faculty handbook, and student life handbook, making sure their mission statement and objectives are in order, assisting in the school’s academic, financial, and library record keeping and helping in the areas of the school’s constitution and by-laws.

APEO has qualified consultants to visit your local school; and listen, suggest, and dream with you for the future of your school. Also, they are ready to pray with you concerning seemingly impossible or insurmountable issues particular to your context.

The resources found on the APEO website are there for the school’s benefit. Please download these resources and print as many copies as needed. If you are looking for something in particular and you do not find it, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.

May the Lord richly bless each school in their endeavors to train men and women for ministries within the local church.